So what does faking it till you make it mean anyway?


It could be building a strong facade while remaining vulnerable on the inside (Ehh).




Developing successful habits while success lies in wait (This is it!)


I live by the quote: “How would you behave if you were the best at what you do?”


Sooner or later that behavior will take root and you will become the best at what you do.


So to me faking it till you make it has very little to do with being fake but building habits to make you the “you” you always wanted to be.


Of course a lot of success internal but a lot of success is how you present yourself adopting the habits of success to fit your current lifestyle and move you forward so…


What would you wear if you were the best at what you do?


How would you speak?


How would you carry yourself?


What time would you wake up?


Would you be kind to strangers?


Ask yourself these questions, implement the habits of success into your daily routine and watch success follow you.