Greetings!!! I am doing Better Than Good. Hello my name is Shango Cooke. I am your Chief Broadcast Engineer for 88.5FM & C19 TV. Seventeen great years is how long I have been with the district. Dating back to the Memphis City Schools days getting hired as a School Technical Specialist with the first 20 field technicians in the IT department. Back then there was a technology scare going around called the “the Y2K Bug “. The year-end of 1999 all saved information, as we know it, would be lost to technology not being able to roll over to the Year 2000. Several years later, the Memphis City Schools district has merged with the Shelby County Schools district and has been operating with out a hitch.

Now I work in the communications department at the telecommunications center. Some of my daily duties as a broadcast engineer include the day to day monitoring and maintenance of our radio transmitter, which is off site. Our radio station adheres to the FCC guidelines and policies of broadcast. Every day I document the (EAS) emergency alert system. This is just a test, this is only a test. Yes, every time our station broadcasts that TEST I have to make note of it to make sure we are receiving the signal. In case there is a real emergency we can notify all of our listeners and viewers.

The real service of our department goes to the broadcast students of Shelby County Schools. All of our equipment must be functional for them everyday. This includes all of our computers, printers and broadcast equipment that we use for our LIVE remotes. Every Friday during football and basketball seasons we broadcast the 88.5FM game of the week. I am serving the district in my dream job. Also, on Friday & Saturday nights I produce a House / Disco radio dance party show on 88.5 FM called House In The MidSouth !!! Keep up the great work, because you never know who is watching or listening!!!