Bosh's mother, Freida, was one of several people found in Bosh's Texas home when police performed a drug raid.

Chris Bosh’s mother has been named a person of interest in a drug trafficking case after his DeSoto, Texas home was raided by police Friday.

Freida Bosh was one of several people in the home when the raid occurred. No arrests were made in the raid, but a “large amount of drug paraphernalia” was found in the residence, according to WFAA-TV in Dallas.

Police began surveilling the house after pulling over a car leaving the residence on Nov. 10 for a routine traffic stop. Inside the car, police discovered baggies containing cocaine and marijuana.

As police watched the house, it noticed a high volume of traffic and different people coming in and out of the residence. Sources also told police they saw several “hand-to-hand” drug transactions outside the home.

Bosh, who owns the home but wasn’t present, has not been named a person of interest. The investigation is still ongoing.

Bosh was released by the Heat during the off season after a litany of health issues, including blood clots, sidelined him. He hasn’t played in nearly two years, but says he still wants to play in the NBA.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports