Grahamwood Elementary’s P.E. Department recently received a generous donation. P.E. Instructor

Jo McCawley stated, “We were given 75 pedometers from the Shelby County Health Department through

SCS Coordinated School Health Office to use with our P.E. program.” Coach Andrew Martin, who recently

founded the Grahamwood Running Club, will use the pedometers to track his students’ progress. As a part of

this program, the Grahamwood Running Club was able to visit Christian Brothers University (CBU) and

spend time with their track and field team. “It was an awesome experience and the kids had a great time.

CBU’s Head Coach Nic Fortenberry talked to the kids about the importance of school and how the days of

being only a good athlete and making it to college are over,” explained Martin. “He stressed that student

athletes must focus on their academics as well as their sport.” After watching the CBU team practice,

Grahamwood’s Running Club joined the CBU team to run some laps around the track. “I’m extremely

pleased with how my running club is turning out,” concluded Martin. “The experiences we’ve had so far are

incredible! In years to come, I look forward to expanding our relationship with CBU for the benefit of our