The Department of Broadcast Services
SCS Telecommunications Center – 88.5FM & C19TV
2485 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112
The Broadcast Services Department, 88.5FM & C19TV, supports and promotes the achievements of the entire district by reaching external audiences in the Shelby County community and beyond. The department also serves as “The Voice of Shelby County Schools” by informing the public daily about important district decisions, opportunities, and accomplishments. This state-of-the-art facility offers multiple exposure opportunities for schools and district departments via online streaming, event coverage, live interviews, video productions and more. Here’s how you can take advantage of exposure opportunities with C19TV & 88.5FM.

Public Service Announcements
Inclusion in radio shows
Live Interviews
Information used in newsbreaks and the New SCS Chalkboard
Event Coverage
Original Programming
Tips for taking advantage of opportunities with our stations:
* Advance Notice/Let Us Know! – Let us as soon as details are confirmed when and where an event will happen. We need ample lead time to properly promote your event.